The Adventures of Hannibal the Cannibal #8

In which Hannibal and Bedelia celebrate their getaway in France…until their past catches up with them.

jajaja Winston

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I spent all day moving to a new apartment. I threw all my stuff into boxes and let strangers carry it away. 

My new bedroom is the smallest but it has the best view of panama city. I could spend forever looking out of my window. 

I have decided to try a tumblr room I will update on that. Anyway I am super happy and will post pictures in the morning but now im going to sleep

panama city moving new beggining

Anonymous asked:

The zalfie drama thing you wrote her name is spelt Zoe not zoey just so you know for further writing ☺x

Trouble Was Here Answer:

Omg lol I can’t believe I spelled it wrong thanx 😊

samdreammeerr asked:

Do I know you ? Omg do we kik ? Im like idk

Trouble Was Here Answer:

Haha yes we kik :D